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A place to unwind.

We are a start-up taking a fresh approach to modern hospitality. As a “virtual hotel,” we offer the services of a traditional hotel, our “rooms” just happen to be scattered across town.

Heloni is an ancient Greek word which translates into tortoise; Our philosophy stems from the animals’ ability to feel comfortable on every journey. Safe and secure in its shell, a tortoise can enjoy the extraordinary joy of newness without worry. With the same reasoning, we create apartments that feel familiar and take care of everything, so that our guests can focus on what truly matters – the joy of the journey. Heloni apartments are designed with the global citizen in mind; our hospitality vision brings together creativity, utmost comfort and customized services.

Tucked away in central neighbourhoods, our apartments offer you the opportunity to indulge local culture to the maximum. We want our guests to be autonomous, independent travelers, but also have premium services at their fingertips.

If you are a traveler that is looking for any of the following then you are in the right place:

  • Safety when visiting a new country
  • Integration in local neighbourhood
  • Peace and quiet for business travel
  • Maximized experience.

Our minimal design, neutral tones and cosy interiors create an ambiance that is simultaneously comfortable and inspiring. Fully furnished and including all possible appliances, our apartments have everything you need at hand. Air-conditioning, free WiFi, flat screen TVs, oven, dishwasher, Nespresso machine - we got you!