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Airport Transfers

We offer airport transfers for our guests so that you can reach our apartments hassle free and full of energy to focus on what matters most - create memories.

Our experienced and multi-lingual drivers pick you up from the arrival hall at the airport and drive you in safety and comfort.

Extra €10 euro night fee for transfers between 00:00 - 06:00am.

€ 45 up to 4 passengers

€ 75 up to 8 passengers

Piraeus Port Transfers

Getting to Piraeus port can be a hassle sometimes, especially when travelling with a lot of suitcases and/or small children or the elderly.

But worry no more! Now with our drivers who help you load and unload your luggage your troubles are over. Child seats are also available for our little travelers.

Extra €10 euro night fee for transfers between 00:00 - 06:00am.

€ 30 up to 4 passengers

€ 50 up to 8 passengers

Other Drop off Transfers: Airport - Piraeus | € 55 (car) - € 85 (van), Airport - Port of Lavrio | € 55 (car) - € 85 (van), Airport - Port of Rafina | € 45 (car) - € 75 (van), Airport - Kifissos Bus Station | € 45 (car) - € 75 (van), Center - Port of Lavrio | € 70 (car) - € 125 (van), Center - Port of Rafina | € 40 (car) - € 70 (van), Center - Kifissos Bus Station | € 55 (car) - € 85 (van), Center - Delphi | € 220 (car) - € 380 (van), Center - Nafplio | € 170 (car) - € 350 (van), Center - Patra | € 220 (car) - € 350 (van), Center - Meteora | € 350 (car) - € 550 (van), Center - Ancient Olympia | € 350 (car) - € 550 (van)

Spend a day with us discovering Greece on wheels.


Athens Highlights

If you’re short on time then this is the right tour for you! Explore all the major historical attractions within the city and get to be able to say you did it all in 1 day! With your personal driver you will be able to experience the best city landscape, take memorable photos and discover all you didn’t know about the foundations of modern day Greece. This tours includes the Acropolis where you will get to admire the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylea. Part of your exploration of ancient Athens includes the ancient Agora, the Roman Agora near Plaka and the bustling flea market in Monastiraki. The tour continues to the historical Panathenaic Stadium, the Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympic Zeus, Syntagma Square, the changing of the Evzones, and a glimpse of interesting architectural building of the 19th century that include the Catholic Cathedral, the Academy of Athens, the University and National Library around Panepistimiou Avenue.

As you see above, this tour has it all! Make the most of your limited time, but do not limit your experiences while visiting Athens!


Half Day in Cape Sounio & Poseidon’s Temple

Enjoy a trip away from the city center and admire the Athenian Riviera, past idyllic beach, beautiful skies and a variety of landscapes. Be amazed by the majestic Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio from the Athenian Golden age, as the Saronic waves caresses the rocks from three sides beneath you. As you leave Athens, we propose a quick stop at the magnificent natural beauty of Vouliagmeni Lake, known for the healing properties of its mineral waters. There you may swim or enjoy a quick coffee at the cafe surrounding the lake. Moving on, you will reach the impressive Temple of Poseidon, that marks the most southern point of Attica. Poseidon, was Zeus’s brother and ruled over the Kingdom of the Sea. Athenians, wanted to have the two most powerful Gods watching over them. That is why the chose Athena, the Goddess of wisdom as protector of Athens and Poseidon who controlled the water element.

This site may have been dedicated to the God of the Sea, yet today you have the chance of witnessing one of the most stunning sunsets on earth!


A Day in Delphi

Delphi was one of Greece’s most scared places of worship as well as the mythic center of the Ancient Greek world. One day long ago Zeus released two eagles, one flew East, the other West. They met at Delphi and so it was named “Omphalos,” the center of the earth. Once you visit the Temple of Apollo, just stand still for a second and feel the wind on your face, close your eyes and breath. Just for a second you’ll feel like the center of universe. Learn about the ancient stories of Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi and mostm powerful woman in the Classical world as you transcend into the era of prophecies, scholars and myths. The ancient Greek sanctuary was once considered the center of the earth. Today, it is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Before reaching Delphi, you will visit the Monastery of Osios Loukas, another UNESCO heritage site, known for its breath taking mosaics amidst natural beauty, while on your way back to Athens you will get to visit Arachova, a picturesque village on a mountain side that is a favorite among Athenians for winter getaways.


A Day in the Peloponnese

Ancient Corinth, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Mycenae

Discover the Southernmost part of mainland Greece, Peloponnese or Peloponnesos (“The island of Pelops” - an ancient Greek hero). Enjoy this mythical ride and learn about the tragedies of Euripides in Epidaurus, the first capital of Greece in Nafplio and the sacred lands of Mycenae. Starting off you will discover the Corinth Canal and the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. Next you will be invited to admire Ancient Epidaurus, the most spectacular ancient theater built in 4th century BC, which is still used today. Next we visit the seaport town of Nafplio, with its Castle of Palamidi floating over the city and Water Castle of Bourtzi in the center of the harbor. Onward to the archaeological site of Mycenae with its famous Lion Gate of the Bronze Age and the tomb of King Agamemnon.

A cultural euphoria for all those looking to make the most their time in Greece. You will travel back in time and experience the ancient world were legendary kings and unicorns dominated the plains of these lands. The plethora of landscapes and historical treasures will bring to life the images we all enjoy in children books and Hollywood movies.


A Day in Meteora

Characterized as a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage, this UNESCO site is a wondrous spectacle for all ages and interests. Within natures beauty, these Orthodox monasteries combine magnificent landscape with ageless historical and religious treasures. 24 monasteries in total were built on the “columns of the sky,” by hermits during the 11th century, yet only 6 of them have survived the plagues of time. These inaccessible sandstone peaks have taken years to turn into admirable masterpieces, and even if your interests are not deeply religious, this site offers a unique experience and source of inspiration for all travelers.

On the way back to Athens, a stop at Thermopylae will take you back in time to 480BC when 300 Spartan warriors led by King Leonides battled against the Persian army or Xerxes. A statue of King Leonides stands there to mark his bravery.


A Day in Ancient Olympia

Here is where the first Olympic games were held in the 8th century BC. A timeless celebration of peace, as during the period the games were carried out, no battle was considered legal. At the ancient site you will be able to discover the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, the statue of Nike and Hermes by Praxiteles, the Gymnasium, the Stadium for 45,000 spectators and the altar where the Olympic Torch was first ignited for the modern Olympic Games. After exploring the monuments, the Archaeological Museum includes excavation findings as well a Sculpture and Bronze Collection of the time for you to enjoy.

Before reaching southern Peloponnese and Ancient Olympia, the trip includes a stop at the modern marvel of the Corinth Canal. Before returning to Athens, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal at a local tavern in Olympia (not part of the price).

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*The above tours are carried out by knowledgeable drivers that love what they do and are passionate about Greece and it’s history. All our drivers speak English and are looking forward to making your experience as memorable as possible. These trips do not include fees related to entry to the archaeological sites or any other activities on the tour.

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