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How we manage our properties


Check-In / Check-Out for guests: Check-in at any of our apartments is at 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00 in the morning. Our staff will make every effort to adjust the stays of our guests if arrival/departure information is provided when booking. Early check-in and late check-out request are subject to availability and fees.

Smoking Policy: Smoking is forbidden in the rooms; corridors and all areas of the apartment expect balconies.

Pet policy: Unfortunately, our apartments are unfit to host our furry friends at the moment.


  • Maximum capacity of baby cots in the apartments depends on the size of the apartment. Usually 1 cot per room is permissible. Cots and feeding chairs can be provided upon request and availability. Please contact us before your arrival to ensure we have the proper arrangement for your bedroom.
  • Extra beds are not provided in any apartment.

Disability Access Policy: Due to the nature of our apartments now, being part of neighborhood buildings, we are unable to provide access to wheelchair. We have however made it our mission to address this issue soon so that we can accommodate wheelchair users in our additional apartments.

Minimum Age Requirements: All guests must be 18 years old or older to confirm the reservations/book rooms at our apartments. Valid ID or passport must be presented at the time of check-in for age verification. In the event that a person who declared themselves as an adult but proves to be a minor at check-in, the company has the right to refuse/cancel the reservation.

Apartment Payment Policy:

Acceptable payment methods:

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Cash (upon arrival)
  • Transfer/Deposit to a bank account (should be confirmed before check-in)

The remaining 50% balance for the booking will be charged 7 days prior to arrival or upon check-in.

Heloni Apartment reserve the right to check the validity of credit cards, at any time needed.


Heloni aims and wishes to continuously improve the provided services to its guests. Effective complaint handling is fundamental to providing quality services and is an essential mechanism for customer feedback to identify weaknesses in policies and processes.

Heloni has established and developed a Complaint Management Policy and has set guidelines on how to receive and handle complaints sent. The implementation of this policy ensures that the complaints submitted will be fair and expeditious with efficiency and confidentiality.

Policy Statement

Heloni through this policy commits that complaint handling will be immediate and fair by ensuring that:

  • The complaint will be studied and with fine handling.
  • It will be fair to you and to any person in his or her workforce who may be referred to the complaint.
  • There will be no charge for submitting the complaint.
  • This policy will always be available on the website,
  • Personal data is protected as defined by the European Union and the relevant Law and its amendments.
  • (On Personal Data Processing Law 2001) will always be respected.
  • Complaints will be recorded and analyzed at regular intervals to identify and resolve problematic procedures and practices and to avoid repetitive omissions.
  • Individuals referred to in the complaint or responsible individuals for complaints handling will not be involved in investigating the complaint if there is a conflict of interest.
  • Heloni team members will be continuously trained and will have direct access to the complaint management policy, always aiming at their effective management.
  • The management and the workforce of our apartments recognize your right to complain and are committed to a fair and effective solution to problems that may arise from the services it offers.
Policy Review

The complaints management system included in this Policy and the internal procedures applied will be reviewed at least annually to ensure the transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction of our apartments.

Complaint Procedure

1. Who can make a complaint

Any complaints may be submitted by guests/staff to the business owner.

2. The first contact point

The first contact point, if you are not satisfied with any of the services we offer, should be a staff member. Our goal is to offer an immediate solution right away to ensure you have an excellent experience from our apartments and clearly before your departure.

3. Complaint stages

If you feel that further consideration is required, you should contact us in writing (by e-mail) to file a formal complaint at or through the contact form of our website to independently investigated the matter.

Once you have received a response and are still unsatisfied with the way your complaint is handled, you can contact us in writing:

  • General Manager
  • 11742

We stress that all formal complaints should be sent in writing. This protects your rights and gives you the opportunity to handle all complaints fairly, discreetly, effectively and consistently.If the response to your formal complaint is not feasible, it will be investigated within the following time frames:

We would like you to:

  • include details of your reservation (or agency) and contact details
  • describe your complaint clearly
  • be specific about the reasons why you are complaining
  • report your expectations about resolving the problem

4. Time to handle a complaint

If the response to your formal complaint is not feasible, it will be investigated within the following time frames:

  • Sending an acknowledgment of receipt within two working days of receipt.
  • Your complaint will be investigated within 15 business days and the response will be sent directly to you.
  • In individual cases where more time is needed for a more rigorous and thorough investigation, we will request an extension in writing. In the letter we will mention, in addition to the additional information we may need, the actions we have already taken and the actions to be taken to complete the investigation, so that your information is complete.
  • Our goal will be to send the reply within 10 business days from the day we inform you that we need more time or from the day we receive any additional information we have requested from you.

5. Right to information

During the investigation of your complaint, you have the right to ask for information about its course of action by contacting our company.

Please note that our company reserves the right to amend and modify current policies at any time without prior notice. The most updated version of the policy is published on our website.